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Images of Communist-era Poznań


Photographs of Poznań, Poland, between 1945 and 1990.


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Here we have more than seventy photographs of Poznań (Posen) in Poland taken during the Communist (PRL) period from the end of World War Two in 1945 through to the beginning of 1990. Simply click on the buttons above to view our current online collection of old photographs of Poznań.

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Follow the links below to view what else we currently have online in our Poznań / Posen digital archive. We scan and digitize more of the images in our Poznan archive and photograph more of the city on a regular basis. Please come back soon to see more of Poznań through time.


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 Old pre-1945 pictures of Posen, Germany (and Poznan, Poland)

Old postcard images of other villages and towns in Posen province

Images of Communist-era Poznań (1945 - 1990)

Read something of the history of Posen / Poznań and Posen province

Interactive map of Poznan and old maps of Posen and the Wielkopolskie province

Contemporary photographs of the city of Poznań

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Poznań wielkopolska  Poznań wielkopolskie

Poznań bar mleczny

An online archive of Posen and Poznań in Poland

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