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A Brief History of Posen / Poznan


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It is probably fair to state that the city of Posen has a fairly complicated history! It was until the end of the First World War part of Prussia, Germany; then as a result of the Treaty of Versailles in 1918, the city became Polish and was renamed Poznan; then again becoming part of Germany once again when Germany invaded Poland in 1939; and finally with the redrawing of the borders of Germany and Poland at the end of the Second World War it became part of Poland once more.


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Old pre-1945 pictures of Posen, Germany (and Poznan, Poland)

Old postcard images of other villages and towns in Posen province

Images of Communist-era Poznań (1945 - 1990)

Read something of the history of Posen / Poznan and Posen province

Interactive map of Poznan and old maps of Posen and the Wartheland

Poznan: photographs of the city of Poznan as it looks today

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An online archive of Posen and Poznan in the west of Poland

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